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The Pet Gundog Club - where you'll find practical training and common sense advice

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Are you not quite sure what to do to make the most of their breeding and temperament?


Or do you feel as if they're running rings around you or are you finding it all a bit much at times?


Then come and join us online in Lez Graham’s The Pet Gundog Club, where you’ll
find practical training for the real world, combined with common sense advice.


What makes The Pet Gundog Club so special?



Did you know that up until 2010, when The Pet Gundog book was published, the term 'pet gundog' didn't exist... it was Lez's husband that came up with it as a snappy, easy-to-remember website name. 

In fact, the first two publishers that Lez approached turned her down telling her that no one had heard of, or was interested in pet gundogs and that the concept, and the books, would never catch on.

With over 40,000 books from The Pet Gundog series sold worldwide, and the term now being common parlance, Lez is very proud to be hailed as The Founder of Pet Gundog Training.

So whether you have a puppy, a young dog, or are ready to embark on more advanced training, The Pet Gundog Club has something for you...

Why The Pet Gundog Club is for you…

Since 2007, Lez has helped tens of thousands of pet gundog owners improve their relationship with their dogs, achieve harmony at home, and control on the field.

She's helped owners with dogs that won't come when called or stop on the whistle as well as helping owners to motivate their dogs to retrieve (and bring it back!) as well as the holy grail of all dog owners - training their dogs to walk on a loose lead.

And she's been fortunate to help those that wanted to train their dogs in the way that nature intended, helping them to achieve contented, relaxed pet gundogs that are a joy to be around, whether that's to throw dummies on a field for, take to the pub, or go out on the shooting field.

In 2016 she launched The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor programme. The first of its kind, the APGI programme is an intensive 18-month course and is the only course that can accredit trainers to teach The Pet Gundog Certificates and she now has over 20 Accredited Pet Gundog Instructors around the UK.

Lez has a Masters Degree in Canine Behaviour & Psychology and based her final projects on Canine Cognition, specifically how gundogs respond to distant control commands, and she was also the first lady gundog trainer to write for a national shooting magazine.


What’s included in your membership?

  • Fortnightly Online Coaching calls¬†on all things pet gundog, from puppies to old age, and everything in between.
  • Online courses¬†that show you how to teach the right things to your pet gundogs
  • Video tutorials¬†on puppy training, good manners at home, lead walking, retrieving, hunting and cold game.
  • Milestones in training¬†to help you establish the basics before moving on to more advanced training.
  • Proficiency Awards to help you progress at your own pace through your training goals.
  • Discount and priority booking for training courses with Lez Graham MA.
  • A private online community¬†where you can chat with other members, share wins, and get specialist help and common-sense advice from Lez Graham MA.
  • PLUS access to all of the resources in The Pet Gundog Club.


All of this plus 24-hour access to recordings and replays of all tutorials and
coaching sessions for less than £10 a week (payable monthly)